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VBS Formats

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If you are trying to answer the question of what format to use for VBS, we hope to help you find the answer that will fit your ministry!  Today we will be looking at a traditional classroom format. 


Divide the group by grade into classes of 12-14 max. Each group goes to the classroom and stays there the entire class time.The teacher and helpers do the Bible Lesson, Snack, Activity, and Craft.

Fairly decent crowd control
Excellent relationship building opportunities
Works very well with large groups
Most volunteers and children are familiar with system Less confusing
Divide and Conquer

Requires talented teachers to be talented in multiple areas

Potential for boredom
Too much like school
A lot of preparation for one person

Assign at least one helper for each classroom
Make the helper in charge of craft and snack
Have a time when the children can go out and play
Give the teacher their material well in advance so they can prepare
Have a supplies person stop by periodically to make sure the teacher has everything they need.

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