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VBS Formats 2

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Last week we looked at the traditional classroom format for doing VBS. Today we will look at the Station format. When you choose your format, think about which would work best with the children in your ministry and the staff on your team. 


In this model, groups of student travel to different locations to do different things. In one room they might sing, in the next room they do a craft. Once they leave the craft room another group comes in and does the same craft. Stations include Bible Story, Crafts, Games and Snack, and Singing/Bible Memory. Several teacher guides stay with the groups as they move around.

Easier to recruit volunteers.

Less demand on teachers

More opportunities for church members to be involved

Allows teachers to work in their area of expertise

Takes more staff
More difficult crowd control
Moving from station to station can be distracting
Child might not hear the Bible lesson till the end of the day.

Identify separate entry and exit points for each station
Plan your route so no groups pass or meet up with other groups
Combine snack and games station, give out the snack five minutes before they have to leave.

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